Monday, 26 December 2016

Why Macbook Pro 2016 is The First Apple Laptop Not Recommended By Consumer Reports?

Consumer Reports which is one of the highly reputed publications and known for its excellent reviews on laptops says that the latest Apple Macbook Pro has issues with consistent battery life. Apple claims that the battery life of latest Macbook pro is 10 hours, but according to Consumer Reports the Apple claim is false. It also says that the average battery life of Macbook Pro 2016 is from 4 hours to 9 hours. If you face any problem in your Apple Macbook then you can take assistance from Apple Mac help team.

ü  Various Tests Conducted on Latest Macbook Pro Proves Inconsistent battery life:

From many years the Apple Macbook Pro series has received excellent reviews and recommendations from various publications across the globe. The Consumer Reports has conducted tests to check the battery life on all the three variants of the latest Apple Macbook Pro. It includes the 13 inch model without the touch bar, 13 inch model with the touch bar and the 15 inch model with the touch bar.

ü  A Known issue in Apple Macbook 2016

The test starts when the battery is full. Ten web pages are downloaded and when the battery is empty the test ends. Also during the test the display were set to one hundred nits brightness and the automatic brightness is disabled. The final battery life result is the average sum of the trial measurements.  According to the test the 15 inch touch bar model runs 18.5 hours in the first test and 8 hours in the second test.

ü  Consumers Needs To Think Twice Before Buying the Latest Apple Macbook Pro

Whereas the 13 inch touch bar model gives sixteen hours of battery life in the first test, 12.75 hours battery life in the second test and 3.75 hours battery life in the third test. Also the 13 inch non touch bar model works 19.5 hours in the first test and 4.5 hours in the second test. The Consumer Reports decides to publish the lowest result of battery life from this test.  

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